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Our focus is clear:

eXgora is a library of skilled individuals, ranging from traditional artisans and handymen to cutting-edge specialists, who can connect with those who are seeking their unique services.

  • Foster meaningful connections
  • Empower talented professionals
  • Provide exceptional service locally to those in search of specialized expertise.
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eXgora Partners

We are committed to give
our best services

Welcome to eXgora Partner, the app designed to empower handymen, tradies, artisans, and skilled professionals like you. Our platform connects you with homeowners and service seekers in need of your expertise, allowing you to grow your business, expand your client base, and showcase your talents.

  • A platform for a wide array of professionals, including artisans, handymen, and other skilled specialists.
  • Our aim is to nurture a resilient community of professionals.
  • Maintaining the highest service standards within our community.
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eXgora Users

Welcome to eXgora User, your one-stop solution to find the best handyman services in your area.
  • eXgora connects service seekers with adept professionals and provides a one-stop solution for an array of requirements such as home care, garden care, plumbing, or DIY projects.
  • Easy-to-use App that allows you to post your task or job and find the perfect professional swiftly and efficiently.
  • You pay the service provider. No cost to us.
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