Setting up an online shop on eXgora platform is straight forward.

To get started sign up for free on the site.

Once your shop is approved start adding your logo, banner, product pictures as you wish.

We take 7% commission per each sale plus an additional payment processing. All in all not more than 10%.

We support all sellers so your business can succeed. We encourage each seller to read the information provided on our site including the Returns, Refunds and Exchange Policy.

Once your shop is set up and ready marketing is the next step. Like any business you need to drive traffic and potential customers to your shop. Social media marketing is by far the greatest way to build up your business quickly. You can directly copy your url and paste it on your social platforms. Exgora also advertises aggressively on google and social media platforms. There is no extra charge for this. We do this absolutely for free. We want all vendors to succeed.

Exgora platform has many user functionalities such as sales analysis and direct interaction with the customer and also you can raise a support ticket if needed.

The vendor Dashboard is designed specifically to make running your shop easy. If you need support from us please lodge a support ticket via your dashboard.

The greatest feature of the shop dashboard is that you can see in real time how much money is in your wallet. We have made withdrawal of your money easy. We process all withdrawal requests on fixed dates – on the 10th, the 20th and the 30th. We request you to lodge your withdrawal request on time.

Please note that it is the vendor’s responsibility to declare all income earned to the tax authorities according to the laws of your jurisdiction. For assistance regarding tax matters we advise that you seek the services of a Registered Accountant or a Tax agent.

Not all products can be sold on our platform. Here are some examples of products we will not allow on our platform. This list will continue to be reviewed with time:

  1. Adult products such as Sex toys
  2. Military products (includes uniform, ammunition, guns etc)
  3. Pornography ( hard print, digital)
  4. Religious profanity materials
  5. Materials with offensive racial, religious, political or personal connotations
  6. Weaponry (knifes, guns, etc).
  7. All Counterfeits
  8. Stolen goods
  9. All medicines (for oral ingestion, topical application or for inhalation)
  10. All illicit drugs including cigarettes.

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