Whilst we want you enjoy your purchase from exgora.com sellers, we realise that customers can have a change mind regarding items purchased. You can negotiate return, refund, or exchange of an item by contacting the seller direct from their online shop on exgora.com site. Please note that the seller will need you to provide a receipt or proof of purchase when returning your item. The seller will take you through their return, exchange or refund process. We hope all concerns raised will be settled amicably between the seller and the buyer.

Change of Mind

In general, if you have changed your mind, the seller at his or her discretion may offer you a refund, accept return or agree for exchange provided that the refund:

  • the issue made within 7 days of purchase.
  • you can provide satisfactory proof of purchase
  • the merchandise is still in saleable condition, that is it is unworn or unused with all original sealed packaging or tags attached and where the product seal is not broken or tampered
  • the item is not subject to the exclusions listed below:

Items Excluded for Refund or Return or Exchange

We advise buyers to choose and carefully make decisions when purchasing merchandise designated as a clearance item (either marked as clearance or reduced to clear) as change of mind returns will not be accepted.

Returns, Refunds and exchanges ideally will not be provided on the following types of merchandise unless the product fails to meet a consumer guarantee:

  • Custom made, monogrammed, personalised, and altered products
  • Pierced Jewellery
  • Alcohol and all food items
  • Face Masks
  • Cosmetic items
  • All underwear such as bras, body shapers, lingerie etc
  • Bedding accessories (quilts, pillows, mattress protection items, etc)
  • Personal care products (electric toothbrushes, shavers, skin, or hair products etc)
  • Perishable goods such as food items
  • Items that have a tag that accompanies the product that states no change of mind

Sales to individuals or businesses who buy for resell or bulk purchasers are final sales, and the change of mind policy does not apply.

If you are unable to provide satisfactory Proof of Purchase, the seller might be unable to provide you with a change of mind return or refund or exchange.

Proof of purchase

Refunds, exchanges, or repair requests must be accompanied by any one of the following proofs of purchase documents for change of mind:

  • Original register receipt tax invoice
  • Packing slip included in all online purchases
  • Original return/exchange receipt/gift receipt

Please note that it is the responsibility of the seller to prove your purchase and to attend to your concerns. The exgora.com team will not respond to any communications from customers in this regard. We would like our website users to have a great shopping experience on our site.

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