Info for Vendors

What is for? is a multi-vendor marketing platform. A platform where individuals, families or small or even large organisations create their shop or shops and start selling their goods. We provide a platform where sellers and customers meet to do business.

Can I make a living from this? The honest answer is it depends. According to Yahoo finance ecommerce business in South Africa alone is predicted to reach $7.9 billion by 2027. In general the vast growth in digital growth, the fast trends in mobile e-commerce, smart gadgets and the young population with great zeal for technology makes Africa a viable place to start an online presence as the future is impressive. Therefore, with a bit of hard work the chance is anyone can do well. We recommend all Sellers to concentrate on building a brand. That means good shop customisation, great logo, eye catching product photos, customer care and delivery. There is a chat option on each shop dashboard. We recommend all Sellers to use it for engaging with the customers. In addition, you can link your shop directly with your social media platforms as part of marketing. The Seller dashboard has great user utilities. You can see your and customer your products, which products are doing well and all the statistics regarding your business performance. Opening shop can be a part-time undertaking to supplement income or better still a full time job to earn a living. Simply put, you get what you put in. We have extensive blog content on website which is a great resource to support Sellers.

Do customers see my details? No. For the sake of privacy we hide email and phone numbers of Sellers from the customers.

How do I get started? The process is pretty easy. All you need is signup with your details, pick the ideal subscription you can afford. At we offer three subscription models depending on the number of products you want to sell.

Is the service available in Africa? Indeed. At present our primary focus is to empower people in Africa.

Can I sell my products only to the Africa market? No. You can target the global market or stay local. The decision is entirely up to the Seller. Please note when you acquire customers abroad consider packaging and postage costs implications. As well as the Customs clearance rules in your country. Do a bit more research so that you can still make profit and grow your business.

What can I sell on We have a robust catalog of products ranging from clothing, jewellery, home decorations, food to building materials and many more! Yes we cater for all. If you fail to find your catalog to place your goods please do let us know.

How do I get paid? We use latest technological payment gateway system to process all sells and subscriptions. In some countries we have the popular mobile money capabilities. All sells are yours to the penny. No hidden fees.

Do I have to pay tax? Certainly! Each Seller has a legal responsibility to declare income earned from their business to the tax authorities. Each country has different rules, please check out with your tax office, tax agent or accountant.

Any prohibited products? Yes. All Sellers must sell products they legally own or if they hold rights or licenses pertaining to those materials. We do vet each and every product before it goes live on your store. We certainly do not allow sell of any military regalia, any weaponry including guns, ammunitions, knifes, stolen goods, religious profanities, political materials, sex toys or materials, counterfeits, pornographic materials (adult or children) (print and software), any materials with provocative messages or caricature, materials with racially-related connotation and all forms of medicines (taken orally, inhaled, sprayed or applied to skin or hair). This list is not exhaustive. We do not take responsibility on the products sold on our platform whatsoever. We reserve the liberty to remove products from our platform and or close a shop where we have concerns of any nature. In addition, we do not refund subscriptions once a shop is closed or if the Seller decides to stop trading.

We will continue to revise it time to time. We aim to keep everyone safe and our goal is to have a great community of serious entrepreneurs and customers ardent to do what they do best – shopping!

Admin, 14th January 2022.