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Top E-Commerce Trends In The Current E-Commerce Market

Are you a new online business owner who is trying to figure out how to sell online? Or do you already have an existing online outlet for your products? Either way, keeping with the trends will benefit you immensely. In order to create an online shopping experience that can capably introduce your e-commerce brand to its target customers, you would have to keep on top of the latest E-Commerce trends in the market. Whether you are planning to sell products through online selling sites, or independently, following the below-mentioned trends would give you the much-needed edge. These are the things you should know to start selling online.

1. Contextual and Programmatic Advertising.

One of the biggest trends currently dominating the e-commerce market is Contextual and Programmatic Advertising. This type of advertising focuses on utilising datasets, to determine the target audience for a particular product or service. These advertisements are shown to a selected group of people, who all are picked on the basis of the content these people are consuming online. After a certain period of time, these people are again retargeted, hence, enabling you to start selling online and acquire higher ROIs. To put it concisely, Contextual and Programmatic Advertising is all about presenting the right advertisement to the right viewer.

2. Big data

One of the biggest answers to the question- ‘How to sell online?’ is personalisation. In fact, personalization is everything in the current e-commerce environment. But to create a truly effective personalised experience, you would need information. You would require information about the likes and dislikes, preferences and interests of your consumers to deliver a well-crafted personalised experience to your customers.

This is where big data comes into the picture. It is definitely the dominant trend in the e-commerce market. But what’s interesting is that big data is moving beyond search engines and online selling sites, and is now being used in thermostats and doorbell cameras.

3. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence(AI) and machine learning are opening new pathways for you to start selling online. Many online selling sites are also using AI to elevate the degree of personalisation on-platform, and enhance customer service. These are areas where any growing business, like yours, should invest heavily. It is because the long term growth of your business depends on how satisfied customers are with your service.

Maximum customer satisfaction through personalisation is attainable via AI. The technology is allowing businesses, like yours, to learn about their customers and provide them with exactly what they need. For instance, AI insights have revealed that free shipping is one of the factors that are favourable to making consumers buy a product or service on online selling sites. Implementation of such insights can lead to higher conversion rates and business growth.

4. Growing influence of Social Media

Social media has become a part of our day-to-day routine, and it immensely impacts the buying behaviour of consumers. This is a massive opportunity for business owners like yourself, as you have a greater chance of getting discovered online. This will allow you to start selling online, and enter into new markets. In addition to that, you can also open an e-store on any of the free online selling sites as well. These sites allow businesses to link their e-stores with social media platforms, hence, enabling people to directly buy your products from social networking sites.


The e-commerce market is bustling with opportunities. Technological tools are enhancing the potential of a business, enabling it to reach its target audience. But to capitalise on these trends, you must be aware of the opportunities being presented to you, and how you can make the most of those opportunities. There are new trends emerging, and as a business owner, it is your job to not just keep track of these trends but to think ahead. By adopting your business to the trajectory of these trends is the first thing you should know about how to sell online.

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