Exgora is an online marketing platform designed to make the modern commerce better for everyone. eXgora website is a platform designed to enhance human connection and provide an extraordinary selling experience in a new era.

Our Mission

Exgora is home to sole traders, medium to big companies and upcoming small businesses.  We have built a place where independent sellers can showcase their goods locally and to the wider market. Vendors get to sell their unique goods, handcrafted products, and everything they need to sell including books and artwork, clothes, cars and many more right from their shops.

Our Vision

We have a great passion in ecommerce, a force that has made it easy for us to connect our community of sellers to millions of buyers across regions of Africa and beyond.  As a company, we strive to support all vendors and enhance their brand awareness and business growth. We take the responsibility to usher sellers to the future of commerce. We intent to roll our business model to the rest of Africa.

How Exgora it works

Our global online marketing platform offers a great opportunity for vendors to turn their ideas into successful businesses. Anyone can start, run, and grow their businesses online right from the platform. As we support new ventures, we ensure that they remain independent, affordable, and easy to use.

All it takes to become an eXgora seller is to sign up on the platform for free. Once approved the seller can create a shop and start trading. Since we promote uniqueness and creativity, entrepreneurs get to customize their shops to reflect their business brands. It takes few minutes to start telling on our platform in your shop.

Market and Sell You Products and Services Efficiently

The Exgora’s vendor dashboard features user-friendly functionalities that can be used to optimize the shop. Our website has integration with popular social media platforms, which sellers can use to attract more audience and drive traffic to their shops. We reduce all barriers to online business ownership and keep our sellers connected.  

Make Safe & Secure Transaction and Communications

Exgora is fitted with Stripe a secure payment gateway link for credit cards. We use the latest technology to keep transactions and connections between sellers and buyers private. Our platform is designed with confidentiality in mind.

Explore A Wide Market

The Exgora website is in English language, a feature that gives vendors an opportunity to sell and interact with people from all over the world. Besides making local sales, we foster growth by providing a platform that is accessible to all African countries. We learn every day and improve our technology to meet every seller’s needs.

Make More Profits with Fewer Costs

We aim to provide an unparalleled opportunity to independent sellers who wish to show case their goods to the local or global markets at a small fee. For each successful sale a small commission and a payment processing fee will be deducted, and the remaining balance will be deposited directly into the vendor’s preferred payment account.

Join other sellers who have trusted Exgora ecommerce tools and technology to create independent online shops. Build exactly the store that you want and start selling online. We are always ready to help you get started.

eXgora, a D&H Media Services Pty Ltd entity, December 2022.


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