Exgora.com is an online global marketing platform where Vendors sell their goods such as handmade items, art work, craft, books or even clothes just to mention a few. 
Registration is free. During the registration process you pick the subscription you want. You can cancel , upgrade or downgrade as you wish anytime.

 All subscriptions have 30 days free period.

We have diverse irresistible subscription packages to pick from:

1. Premium Pack – USD 10.00, add up to 25 products per 30 days

2. Platinum Pack – USD 15.00, add up to 50 products per 30 days.

3. Gold Pack USD 25.00, add up to 100 products per 30 days.

4. Business Pack USD 35.00, more than 100 products (unlimited) per 30 days.

 Use the vendor dashboard to customise your store name, banner, upload your products and start trading and more.
 Yes it is that simple! We review and approve your shop within 24 hours. 

1. Important requirement: Any one can sell items or products which are acquired legally. Each seller should have the permission or right to sell those products. You can sell as many items as you want as per your subscription package.

2. Supporting Sellers: At exgora.com we support all sellers and that includes independent, sole traders, small or big businesses. We welcome anyone whether you are a small enterprise but with big ideas or goals or your are already doing well in your business but in need of scaling up or an individual with extra-ordinary passion to do better or you simply want to show off your vintage hand-crafted goods to the wider global market, this is your market place to be!

3.  Global outreach: Exgora.com is global. This platform is a great opportunity to reach out to the global market. Build your brand name here.

4. Signup: At exgora.com we have an easy and straight forward sign up process.
a. Sign up from the main page, pick vendor option, create your secure passwords. Select the package you want. Please not you can only sign up on one subscription package at time per store. Should you wish to scale up or down please cancel the current subscription before signing up on another.
At the vendor dashboard please complete the details such as your unique store name, logo, banner, basically you can customize the dashboard as you wish. The dashboard gives the vendor control shop management utilities. You can analyse the inventory,  sales reports and which products are hot with your customers as well as discounts.  There is no tech knowledge needed as everything is simplified. The features are essentially similar to Shopify or Amazon.

5. Start uploading your product pics, meta data, prices for your product.  Customers buy direct from the seller so please make sure you link your pay pal account.  There are lots of user friendly functionalities on the vendor dashboard for you to create an awesome eye-catching store so you can run your business smoothly. 

Once you upload your product, we will review it and publish within 24 hours. We only do this once, in future it becomes automatic.

6. Once products are published, you can promote your store by coping the link and pasting on your social media platforms so your customers can land straight on your shop. It’s your shop, your business, your way!

7. At checkout the sale price is defaulted to USD.
a). Upload  products to your store according to your subscription package. We do not charge extra fees such as commission. Whether  you sale $50 or $500 or $1000 etc, all your sales are 100% yours!


b). No extra charges – we advertise exgora.com on google, and all social media platforms at no extra cost to the sellers! We support your business and we mean it!

8. Exgora.com is multi-lingual. We recommend that you consider postage if selling products globally. This postage cost need to be factored in the price. We leave this decision to the vendor. If selling locally ( in your country), it is a good gesture to your customers to ship free and again that’s for the store owner to decide.
Please contact us  should you need assistance by logging a Support ticket using the Support badge on your store dashboard, by email or the contact form on the bottom of the web page.

 In order to allow a vendor’s customers to send product-related queries and issues, the vendor needs to enable the support button display on the store page.
To do this, navigate to Vendor Dashboard → Settings → Store.
At the very bottom of the page, you will get two new fields:
  • Enable Support: You need to check the box for using store support feature.
  • Support Button Text: You can modify the store support button text from here.
  • After configuring, click on the Update Settings button. Now you can respond to all questions from customers regarding your products! Interacting with customers creates more trust.
  • Goods not allowed on our platform (we are building this list)
Counterfeits, known branded products, sex toys, music media or videos (most are copied), guns, weapons of any sort, military gear, pornography materials (child or adult), any politically related materials, any materials inciting violence or racial connotations or religious hatred, all materials with defamatory messages or imagery, stolen goods).  
We are happy to answer your questions so please use the contact form for any queries or email or WhatsApp us!
Admin eXgora.com, 2021.